A session at Gravity Shack includes 60 minutes of bouncing, climbing AND FUN.

You will need Gravity Shack grip socks for the trampolines! 

Gravity Shack Session 
1 hour session for ages 5 & over
Gravity Shack Tackers Session 
1 hour for under 5's
Gravity Shack Value Pack 
1 hour session, hot chips, can of drink and a Fandangle icecream
Gravity Shack Tackers Value Pack
1 hour session, hot chips, a can of soft drink and a Fandangle icecream 
Gravity Shack Grip Socks
Compulsory trampoline grip socks
Additional Hour
An extra hour of fun!

What else do you need to know?


  •  All session commence on the hour every hour.
  •  A session is 1 hour.
  •  Gravity Shack Grip Socks are compulsory.
  •  We do not allow socks from other venues.
  •  Online bookings secure your spot in your desired session.
  •  Arrive 15 minutes prior to their desired session time.
  •  Cash and eftpos are accepted in store.
  •  There are strictly no refunds.
Oh, don't forget to bring back your Gravity Shack Grip Socks!